Hey! I’m Ahmad —
a designer, developer, teacher and entrepreneur based in Toronto.

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I'm available for contract/remote work from January 2018. Get in touch.

I design, code, and teach.

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Lead UX & Product Design Instructor


Building the curriculum, teaching lectures daily, and spending 1-on-1 time with students to help them learn by doing real projects.

Screenshot from Sametrica project


UX/UI Designer


Web app to help the Canadian government and NGOs measure, track, and analyze the impact of their funding.

Screenshot from Milni project


Cofounder, Head of Product


Responsive web app helping South Asian couples plan their weddings. Connect to vendors and chat with your wedding team.

Screenshot from Aquamobile project


Full-stack Developer, UX/UI Designer


Uber for swimming instructors. Connecting parents and swimming learners with instructors across North America.

Screenshot from Hashtag Paid project


Full-stack Developer, UX/UI Designer


Work with social media influencers to create campaigns that align with your brand and resonate with customers.

I started studying biopsychology at Tufts, graduated in financial economics at York, and learned web development at Bitmaker.

Favourite Class

A philosophy class called “Knowing and Being.” It was a study of epistemology, philosophical empiricism, and skepticism. I enjoyed advocating in favour of extreme skepticism, until I found that no debate was really possible against it. So, it may be preferable to just… conveniently leave that argument aside.

Educational Highlight

Spending my last year studying almost nothing related to my major: Medieval and Renaissance literature, the growth and structure of cities, and game theory. Those three topics play a larger role in my life today than everything else I studied.

What Was I Thinking?

For my final project, I thought I was ready to create a startup that would facilitate serendipitous social hang-outs among strangers. Needless to say, we didn’t get very far. But at least I learned a lot about what it really takes to create a startup.

I love building products for education, government, communities, music, and positive psychology.

Eventually, I'd like to open a café, with a lounge area where musicians can play jazz, folk, and hip-hop.

We’ll serve hearty lunches that remind you of home, whatever’s-in-the-garden smoothies, and a hundred varieties of tea.

At night, we’ll mix drinks, colors, and vinyl -- and invite the neighborhood.